The  Interstellar  DAO  of  Trade  and  Entrepreneurship

"The manifestation of our destiny, or "ᚢssegssirr", is the basic tenet of the Gorn. We shall spread the Gorn Imperative throughout the Metaverse. Our mission is to help our constituents prosper in this world full of opportunity and innovation unlocked through blockchain technology. We are destined to ascend together with our partners and allies and build a transparent inter-galactic DAO of trade and entrepreneurship." - Councillor Ryu aka Petar, 2020

Gorn Hegemony Introduction
The Gorn Hegemony is an interstellar DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) governed by the holders of $GORN. The mission of Gorn is to build an interstellar DAO of trade and entrepreneurship. Gorn Hegemony is using $GORN, a Social Money cryptocurrency as medium of exchange. The $GORN DAO partnered with the Roll Social Money platform to create an Ethereum standard blockchain asset, known as ERC-20 Social Money. $GORN rewards and services can be redeemed on Roll.

Gorn Hegemony Origin
The word "hegemon" implies leadership and rule in ancient human language. The word holds implications for both political organization and physical layout, but for our purposes it does not mean “state” in the sense that we now conceive of one. It is a term which can more accurately be described as an “interstellar-state” or “city-state,” or a group of people ruled by their own distinct political body and with some civic centers. Like most other ancient Gorn states, the Gorn Hegemony sought to legitimize their past by linking culture and state to a divine ancestry, but also credited their foundations to one hero in particular, a man, or perhaps a myth, named "Dragorn". His reforms, which are estimated to have been “written” around 65055BC, were very influential for both the Hegemony and other warring states of the Gorn, whose political organization laid out by Ryu the Dark 2020AD accounts of the newest Gorn research.
Gorn Hegemony Constitution

Above all, Dragorn was the reason for the Gorn ideology, the creation of the caste system, or literally “raising” of children like legions, and is an example of the unique political system of the Hegemony. The Gorn Hegemony was perceived by ancient Gorn to be a monarchy, oligarchy, or democracy at varying times in history so that the function of its government is therefore, difficult to pinpoint. Unlike democratic states, Gorn in the Milky Way galaxy was governed in by more than just an assembly or a king. According to the first Gorn King and what we know of Ryu's reforms, the Hegemony was governed by a group of Councillors and a group of senators, the Gorn public, an assembly of Gorn male and female citizens. The “laws” that have been passed down, whether by the Ryu the Dark reformers after him, are often referred to as “ᚢssegssirr”, known as the manifestation of the Gorn destiny, or tenets. It implies a saying or pronouncement- “from a bargain or contract, through an oracle to a law.”

The 7 Tenets of the Gorn Hegemony

"The manifestation of our destiny, or ᚢssegssirr"

The Gorn Hegemony Guild will have initially an intricate focus in asset management, in other words trading of digital and traditional assets. The $GORN DAO wants to build a transparent inter-galactic network of commerce and entrepreneurship with our partners, members and allies.

The Council will oversee industrial developments, reserve management, public relations, policy management as well as advance the Hegemony into a decentralized interstellar state of trade and entrepreneurship. The Gorn Hegemony seeks to reach sustainability through the creation of a durable and competitive DAO with economic moat.
Gorn values, experience and history shows that we must work in a way to deliver lasting and real benefits for the constituents of the Gorn Hegemony as well as wider communities in which Gorn operates. Moreover, does the Gorn Sustainability Tenet prohibit members to exercise profanity, defamation, sharing of trade secrets, misuse of confidential information, terrorism or any attempts to deteriorate diplomatic relations.

The Council (Councillors) and Senate (Senators or VIPs) will provide a knowledge foundation and offer insight about their fields of expertise. The aim is to ignite the entrepreneurship of members by connecting them to experts and leaders in specific industries related to digital assets and trading strategy. The Gorn honour equality, transparency and entrepreneurship.

The Gorn Council and Senate will encompass guidance in digital assets, conduct market analysis and give recommendations to the members of the guild, specifically related to asset management, NFT manufacturing and NFT, FT marketing. The word "Hegemon" itself means leadership and rule in ancient greek language.

 The constitution (Council, Senate and Assembly) of the Gorn Hegemony resembles a crossover of a parliamentary monarchy and a DAO. Council and Senate are accessible for holders of $GORN. The Senator rank can be achieved by holding a certain amount of $GORN and enables voting on proposals. The Councillor rank can be achieved by holding a certain amount of $GORN and gives the right to create two proposals each month.

Caste System (DAO Ranks)
Everyone can join the Gorn Hegemony DAO. Admissions are conducted on the Discord server. Gorn Hegemony offers various ranks to supporters of the DAO. Progression starts as at the Initiate rank, which has no requirements at all. Ranks beyond that require the member to hold certain amount of $GORN tokens to be held on a non-custodial ethereum wallet, like Metamask (Hold-to-Play system). The Caste System also includes a social-proof-of-work mechanism that rewards members with $GORN token for completing tasks and missions.
Participate in "Hold to Play" roles, such as VIP and Councillor, that can net you rewards the longer you stay in the role. Partake in liquidity mining and staking to receive mining rewards when $GORN launches its IDO (Inital Decentralized Offering) and membership tiers. The $GORN management team reserves the right to run checks and balances in order to prevent possibilites to "game" the reward system. "Hold to Play" rewards are documented by our stewards and can be viewed by requesting a snapshot from our admin Ryu via a direct message on Discord.

$GORN Social Money
The DAO will incentivize members with $GORN in line with a social credit system known as the Caste System. Essentially, this social remuneration system is based on merit and follows the notion of Gorn culture (Family, Faith, Service, Honor). 
$GORN is backed by a vault of digital assets (NFTs and FTs), which are being traded using sophisticated trading algorithms sourced and developed by the community and the $GORN management team. The aim is to generate sustainable long-term capital appreciation for members of the DAO. Key information about the token can be viewed here.

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