Trackrecord 2023 of $GORN DAO

The Gorn Hegemony DAO deploys a portfolio of uncorrelated asset strategies with the aim to outperform the market. In this issue of Gorn Trackrecord we will scrutinize the results of two algorithms incepted by the $GORN DAO.
Scalping algorithm - "Gorn SR V1"
The first part of this report illustrates the financial results of a incubation test done by a scalping strategy system, named "GORN SR VI", trading simultaneously the Russel 2K and DJIA micro futures from the period 1 July 2023 to 31st August 2023. The net profit for those two months is 28.17%. Incubation phase testing is known as the process of demo trading a strategy system to observe how it behaves on out-of-sample data.
Gorn Discord bot - "Gorn-o-matik"
The second part illustrates the 2023 achievements of the "Gorn-o-matik", the official $GORN DAO discord crypto bot, which is used for long-term or medium-term cryptocurrency trading strategies. Net profits in 2023 were north of 700%.
Trackrecord Archive:
NN (predecessor of Gorn) AI Algorithm showcase - USDT/PAXG (Gold commodity token)
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