Trading Systems of $GORN DAO

The Gorn Hegemony DAO deploys an portfolio of uncorrelated asset strategies with the aim to outperform the market. Greenlit trading systems that are Operational have undergone various methods for validation, such as walk-forward analysis. Moreover, is Gorn utilizing a vast EasyLanguange (ESL) code repository with strategies, indicators as well as metasystems to improve profitability and trade efficiency of trading systems deployed in the Gorn DAO treasury.
Day after day Gorns and the community come up with new trading ideas that might just have the potential to become a successful trading system. That’s why the community of $GORN and the scally Gorn team work closely together to ignite new ideas into a fully-fledged stratagems. Strategies marked as "Work in Progress" (WIP) are our current research goals. If you have any thoughts, ideas or want to partake in our theorycrafting feel free to reach out to Gorn on Roll, Twitter or Gorn discord.

𒀖 Ensemble strategies
                    VIX ETF Swingtrade (Operational)
                    TRIN Strategy S&P500 (WIP)

𒀖 Intraday strategies
                    Gorn Support/Resistance scalping (Operational)
           Range Bound Flag Breakout (WIP)

𒀖 Market-neutral strategies
     Pairs trade (WIP)

𒀖 Regime-switching strategies
                   Market Phase Strategy by Dukas (Operational)

𒀖 Multi-timeframe strategies
                   2Period RSI by Connor (WIP)

𒀖 Misc. strategies
                   Christmas Trade Strategy (Seasonal Patterns) (Operational)

𒀖 Indicators, scripts and more
                  Breakeven Stop Gorn Version I (Operational)
Equity Curve Metasystem Gorn Version I (Operational)
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