Anyone can refer the following and services of the Gorn Hegemony DAO and receive $GORN rewards.  Currently there are two different referral campaigns ongoing.

Gorn Hegemony DAO Discord Server Referral
1) Create your personal invite link to the Gorn Hegemony DAO server by clicking "Invite People" button in the Gorn discord server option. (make sure your invite link has no expiration date )
2) Start promoting the Gorn Discord server and collect invites. You can check your accrued invites when you type into any bot-channel inside our Discord the command "/mylinks" or "/invites"
3) When you want to collect your outstanding reward open a support ticket in the Gorn Hegemony DAO Discord server and let the team know you want to exchange your invites for $GORN rewards.
Gorn Hegemony DAO Service Referral

Know anybody that needs consulting in business development, marketing, financial planning, asset management or trading strategy implementation and validation? 
Then this is your chance to net 20% cashback in $GORN tokens for the services you refer.
Simply let your friend know to add your name or your email inside the meeting registration on this link Furthermore, open a support ticket inside the $GORN discord server and state your email and that you want to refer the Gorn services to friends and family.
The format of a consultation is usually a free 30 minutes introduction in zoom or discord about how the $GORN team can add value to your entrepreneurial needs and trading endeavors. The follow-up would be the actual paid consultation service, for example an trading strategy implementation.

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